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July 2, 2018

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General News


Hyland Releases OnBase 18

Hyland, a leading content services provider, released the latest version of OnBase, a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. The new release brings more than 3,100 enhancements to the OnBase platform, which provides content management, case management, business process management, records management and capture capabilities in the cloud or on premises. This release introduces new products and integrations; new forms capabilities; expanded security capabilities; new administration tools for testing, import and export; and performance and compatibility updates.



Kony Unveils New Digital Banking Solution

Kony, a leading provider of digital banking solutions, announced the launch of its Kony DBX digital banking platform and application suite to help CUs cost-effectively accelerate their digital strategy. The Austin-based company says that they are also the first vendor to provide pre-built, native and web apps along with a purpose-built digital banking platform.



Inspire FCU to Deploy Core Banking Solutions from NYMBUS

Inspire FCU, a 15,000-member CU founded in 1936 that serves the community of Bucks County, PA, is making the move to NYMBUS. Inspire will deploy SmartCore, NYMBUS’ turnkey core banking platform; SmartDigital; NYMBUS’ Internet and mobile banking suite; and SmartPayments, which will manage the authorizations and transactions for Inspire’s debit card program while providing real-time fraud protection.





Hardware News


Are Home Security Cameras Ready for Business Use?

With consumer-based, IP cameras becoming so popular and easy to use, CSO wondered if they were ready for use by small businesses or within larger enterprises? The answer is a qualified yes for small businesses, and probably not for enterprises. Be aware that the WiFi versions are never as reliable as wired versions. Professional security camera installers insist on installing wired cameras for reliability, especially if they are going to have to provide ongoing support and warranties.



A Branch Staffed by Robots

HSBC executives are posting seven robots, created by SoftBank Robotics, in the lobby of their Fifth Avenue branch. HSBC, which worked with Softbank for six months to train Pepper, is tracking visitors’ wait times and how well the robots are helping to sell more products and services.



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Software Updates


How Can FIs Put AI to Work?

The author contends that the top three ways financial services companies can leverage the AI advantage are: 1) Predicting risk; 2) Examining data; and 3) Emulating human behavior.



Hyperconvergence Breathes New Life into Desktop Virtualization

A relatively new framework called hyperconvergence, which combines compute, storage and networking in a single data center appliance, could breathe new life into virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) by reducing the cost and complexity associated with a VDI rollout.



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NCR and Advanced Fraud Solutions Partner to Prevent Check Fraud at ITMs

NCR and Advanced Fraud Solutions announced that they have partnered to integrate AFS TrueChecks into NCR's Interactive Teller Machine platform. ITMs enable FIs to offer access to teller services during non-traditional banking hours, build new small-footprint branches, and provide full teller services in areas not served by branches. By integrating TrueChecks directly into the ITM platform, AFS and NCR can provide remote tellers with instantaneous feedback on check deposits made through the ITM.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



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Wireless World


Mobile Banking Use Is Skyrocketing ... Now What?

Consumer use of mobile banking applications is accelerating at a rapid pace. In the U.S., nearly one-third of people (31 percent) use mobile banking more than any other app on their smartphone. Only logging onto social media (55 percent) and checking the weather (33 percent) are more common mobile activities. The author suggests that in-app account opening, instant replacement requests for lost or stolen cards and analytics-based financial insights for individual users could all become more common in the coming years.



WPA3 Wi-Fi Is Here and More Secure

There's a new standard for securing Wi-Fi connections: WPA3. New Wi-Fi routers will come with stronger protections for the data that flows between your computers, phones or smart home devices and your Internet connection. It will also boost security in workplace Wi-Fi networks with changes to the way wireless behaves on enterprise networks.



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Security Section


NICE Actimize Helps Secure Real-Time P2P Payments

NICE is addressing real-time Peer-to-Peer payments by expanding its Fraud Essentials Cloud solution to address the fast-growing, P2P environment. The P2P capability features analytics trained to recognize known P2P fraud scenarios, dynamically builds entity profiles which learns typical user behavior, enabling detection of anomalies indicative of fraud.



FICO Offers Free Cybersecurity Ratings

FICO announced that their FICO Enterprise Security Score Portrait is available, free of charge, to all organisations worldwide. Organizations subscribing to FICO Enterprise Security Score Portrait can view their own three-digit score, on a scale of 300 - 850, and use it to understand and track their own performance. The score can also be shared with business partners as an easy-to-understand surrogate for a more in-depth exchange of security posture details.



Venafi Enterprise Mobility Protect Helps Protect Mobile Endpoints

Venafi announced Venafi Enterprise Mobility Protect, a solution that helps deliver visibility and machine identity intelligence across all authorized mobile devices, including those that are owned by employees (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD).



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Technology and Marketing


How to Turn Brand Monitoring into Content Assets

The author beleives that monitoring your brand’s mentions is not an option these days - it’s a must. She goes on to cover three ways to turn those brand mentions into content assets.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Consumers Increasingly Pay Billers Directly Rather than Through FI Sites

Payment volume through biller-direct Web sites continues to grow at the expense of FI bill-pay sites, according to new findings from the Aite Group. Some 73% of the online bill payments made by consumers in 2016 went through biller-direct sites, up from 62% in 2010, according to Aite. Meanwhile, payments through FI bill-pay sites dropped to 27% in 2016 from 38% in 2010. Volume through third-party bill-pay websites — such as QuickBooks,, or — remained flat during that period, according the report.



FIS Technology Speeds Testing and Certification Process for Real-Time Payments

FIS announced an agreement with The Clearing House (TCH) to provide it with advanced technology for speeding the testing and certification process for FIs connecting to RTP, a new real-time payments system recently launched by The Clearing House. FIs looking to connect to RTP can use the tool to test their readiness to complete RTP certification. They are required to run a variety of simulated tests prior to being certified on the RTP system.



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Internet Access


Serverless Cloud Computing Is the next Big Thing

Serverless cloud computing means the ability to get out of the business of provisioning cloud-based servers, such as storage and compute, to support your workloads, and instead allow the cloud provider to allocate and deallocate resources automatically. Although there are cost advantages of serverless cloud computing, the real advantage is simplicity.



10 Hot SD-WAN Startups to Watch

According to research firm IHS Markit, the current SD-WAN market leaders are VMware (VeloCloud), Aryaka (founded in 2009; still private), Silver Peak (founded in 2004; still private), and Cisco (Viptela). The 10 startups covered in this article hope to move the space forward and take market share away from the leaders listed above as they do.



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Call Centers


How to Best Leverage Live Mobile Chat

The author recommends the following 4 strategies for leveraging mobile chat: 1) Integrate with existing SDKs to create a seamless chat experience; 2) Use native mobile apps to provide better all-around support; 3) Develop a mobile-friendly website to utilize the live chat app better; and 4) Engage members through multiple channels.